Friday, August 8, 2008

A note from Mabel.

Hi everybody!!!

How are you? Here are so pictures from my life...

This is my friend Mr. Darcy. He lives with me this month while his master, Cara, is working at a Young Life camp. I try to get "MD" to play with me but he likes to be still, calm, and quite... I'm not really into that stuff yet.

Here I am in my favorite spot inside the house chewing on my bone... yum... I love bones!

Here is another picture of me when I'm wondering what my owner Heather is trying to do. She kept saying "Mabel look" and I kept looking but she never did anything except flash a light in my eyes... she's always flashing that light in my eyes. Anyway, I hope all of our blog readers are doing well. I'm growing up pretty quick... I already weigh 30 lbs. I think I could probably gain at least 40-60 more within the year especially if I keep sneaking Mr. Darcy's food! :)

Umm... I gotta go-- I think I saw a squirrel! BYE!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Foot Surgery update #4

I went to the Dr yesterday to get my wrapped changed ('cause it was super stinky) and low and behold he said I could take off all my wraps AND (drum roll please...) I can stop wearing the hot stinky boot!

So here's what my foot looks like today... it's pretty stiff still but he said I'm free to start using it and working out the stiffness. It's swollen a little too but doesn't look too bad for having surgery 8 days ago!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

on the move...

So my parents are on the move. They are selling their home of 30 years. This is the house I was brought home from the hospital to after birth (I was also brought home to this same house after other trips to the hospital though through out my years!)

2031 Sepler Court
Fern Park, FL 32730

That address embodies a whole heck of a lot to me... most specifically, precious memories. Here are a few of the ones that stand out to me today:

*Running back from our neighbor Barbara's house where I was sent to pick up two eggs for a recipe my Mom was making... tripping in the yard that joins our homes, falling, getting the wind knocked out of me, being a little stunned by the event and yes, of course, breaking the eggs.

*Summers in the pool. Playing with "toys" that my Mom gave us which usually were recyclables such as dish soap bottles and gallon milk containers... my Mom was "going green" or "eco friendly" before it was even cool!

*Krista coming over on Saturdays to help me finish my chores so we could play sooner!

*Christmases!!! STOCKING FIRST!

*Playing on the old back porch when the Florida afternoon summer thunderstorms would roll in a force us out of the pool for a few hours.

*Jr. Prom 1997. My parents graciously hosted a bunch of my friends (about 15) and their dates PLUS all of those kids parents to a pre-Prom picture taking party including drinks and hors d'oeuvres!

*Day long family weeding sessions... ugh-- I won't miss that!