Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm thankful for: Matt

I have an absolutely wonderful husband.

I love watching Matt coach... he's such a good teacher (something that I'm not so good at) and very patient with his boys. If they don't get a technique the first time he explains it, he can always think of a new creative way to explain the same thing. I appreciate that he is a kind and gentle (yet firm & manly!) coach. He doesn't fly off the handle, he is always consistent.

I made this list of "awesome husband qualities" when I was 17 years old... I framed it and gave it to Matt on our wedding night and now it hangs in our bedroom. The qualities I listed on August 29th 1997 were:

man of God
someone I admire
can make me laugh
family man!
good listener
good discusser

I had no idea that all of this would come wrapped up in the package that is Mr. Matthew Danger Troxell. However, I am extremely thankful that the Lord knew just who & what I needed!

Tonight, I am thankful for his handiness! I recently became fed up with the way our house looked so I decided to paint... which has since led to other things and tonight Matt is replacing our sink/vanity in the bathroom. I'm one blessed girl! :)

I'm thankful for my "Big Bad Wolf!"


THIRTY DAYS OF THANKFULNESS... well make that 26 days... I'm going to (try) to post a blog of "thankfulness" everyday for the rest of the month. Wish me luck! :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some things that are on my mind......

Woodleaf 2009
WyldLife for 09-10
Young Life for 09-10
Leaders (current and new)
How happy I am that I got new glasses/sunglasses (prescription for both!!)
Our house
High Schoolers hearts
Jonesing for some Yogizmo (frozen yogurt!!)
Fund raisers for camp
Car- oil changed/maintenance required light
Living so far away...


Monday, March 30, 2009

Eye of the Danger

Matt got some saw dust in his eye on Saturday around 4pm while we were building the new SLV snack shed. He tried irrigating it for a while but hours later it was still bright red and watering. So, we went for a Saturday night "date" to the ER. They put some special drops in his eye that helped the PA to see with UV light any foreign bodies... but no such luck. They didn't find anything. *sigh*
So, after 48+ hours of pain we went for an Ophthalmologist consult this morning (Monday) where the talented Dr. Cheng found a piece of wood embedded in Matt's eyelid. The kind Doctor removed it and Matt instantly felt better! Tonight his eye is still red but not watering and feels much much better. Thankfully no real damage was done and all he has to do is put antibiotic eye drops in every 2 hours. We have a followup appointment on Thursday to make sure no infection has set in.

Here are some pictures of our "date" at the ER on Saturday night....

UV light test...


after the special drops

Eye of the Danger

Matt waiting

SLV snack shed

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

long time no see......

Sorry it's been so long! Our computer crashed for a little bit and well... I've just had other things to do!

Here are a few picture to show you what we've been up to since I last posted...

Pictures from the top down:

1. Snow at Young Life's Woodleaf camp over the WyldLife weekend that we served at as "Head Leaders"
2. New 29th birthday haircut
3. Young Life Club shenanigans
4. Me taking a "stab" at knife throwing
5. Young Life's Winter weekend (Young Life Camp)
6. Matt got a new work truck! (Ford F250 Diesel)
7. Mabel at the dog beach in Santa Cruz
8. Amazing clouds over the pool deck during Swim practice
9. Candles from the lent service at our church
10. Photo of the Pacific Ocean while on a walk with Trinity
11. Puppy Sleepover! (Mabel had a friend, Mr. Darcy, stay over one night!)
12. Walks with Mabel
13. Friends of ours trying to raft down the creek behind our house... silly boys!
14. R.A.W. ("Real Authentic Worship")
15. My chili entry from the Chili Cook off at our Church!
16. Carlyn trying to pack up Mabel and take her to Italy with her!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Blog Giveaway!!!

My friend Amy is having a giveaway on her blog... check it out!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Car-Car

This picture was when we went to sing Christmas carols as a "family" lead by our friend Wendy Estorga at Finn's Coffee in Santa Cruz. (Matt's company, KI Custom Construction Inc. built Finn's!)

I can't believe over the last 7 months I've never blogged about this wonderful girl..........

So, we had a former Young Life kid (and friend) Carlyn Kay Whitaker, living with us from May - Jan. 16th. She was an amazing "housemate" and we enjoyed her company so much this year! Carlyn (or baby Car-Car as we often call her) is amazing woman! She is currently off adventuring in "Italia" at the Apicius International School of Hospitality in Florence, Italy. We're praying that she has a wonderful time abroad and learns lots at culinary school!

WE MISS YOU MANY TINES BABY CAR-CAR!!!!!!!!!!!! And yes, to everyone reading, I meant to write tines and not times! ;)