Monday, March 30, 2009

Eye of the Danger

Matt got some saw dust in his eye on Saturday around 4pm while we were building the new SLV snack shed. He tried irrigating it for a while but hours later it was still bright red and watering. So, we went for a Saturday night "date" to the ER. They put some special drops in his eye that helped the PA to see with UV light any foreign bodies... but no such luck. They didn't find anything. *sigh*
So, after 48+ hours of pain we went for an Ophthalmologist consult this morning (Monday) where the talented Dr. Cheng found a piece of wood embedded in Matt's eyelid. The kind Doctor removed it and Matt instantly felt better! Tonight his eye is still red but not watering and feels much much better. Thankfully no real damage was done and all he has to do is put antibiotic eye drops in every 2 hours. We have a followup appointment on Thursday to make sure no infection has set in.

Here are some pictures of our "date" at the ER on Saturday night....

UV light test...


after the special drops

Eye of the Danger

Matt waiting

SLV snack shed