Tuesday, March 17, 2009

long time no see......

Sorry it's been so long! Our computer crashed for a little bit and well... I've just had other things to do!

Here are a few picture to show you what we've been up to since I last posted...

Pictures from the top down:

1. Snow at Young Life's Woodleaf camp over the WyldLife weekend that we served at as "Head Leaders"
2. New 29th birthday haircut
3. Young Life Club shenanigans
4. Me taking a "stab" at knife throwing
5. Young Life's Winter weekend (Young Life Camp)
6. Matt got a new work truck! (Ford F250 Diesel)
7. Mabel at the dog beach in Santa Cruz
8. Amazing clouds over the pool deck during Swim practice
9. Candles from the lent service at our church
10. Photo of the Pacific Ocean while on a walk with Trinity
11. Puppy Sleepover! (Mabel had a friend, Mr. Darcy, stay over one night!)
12. Walks with Mabel
13. Friends of ours trying to raft down the creek behind our house... silly boys!
14. R.A.W. ("Real Authentic Worship")
15. My chili entry from the Chili Cook off at our Church!
16. Carlyn trying to pack up Mabel and take her to Italy with her!


Carlyn Kay said...

Awesome Pics!! I like the one of me..... proves I have lost weight since I have been here, haha. Miss the baby sister tines!

Glad to see you are back up and running, look forward to reading many more postings from you!! xoxox

trinity said...

Ok Miss walking with you. Not walking, just being with you. I have walked a ton! over 19000 steps today.

I love the picture of swimmeet

And great picture of RAW I didn't know you took it...or did you go while I was gone?

Heading to the states tomorrow. SO I can talk on the phone again.

Carissa said...

Like the new blog post...I especially like the photos of your new do...very cute! Also, of Mabel and the clouds at the swim meet (freaky).

Love you!

G. said...

Did your knife go in backwards? Handle first? That takes talent!

Love that you have boys trying to raft down the trickle of water in your backyard!

Glad to see you are posting again, I had almost given up hope.