Wednesday, March 26, 2008

story of a shower

So, our shower needs to be fixed. This means we have our first major home repair on our hands. Well, at least it's “major” to me. Matt would just call it "a day at the office."

Here's the story:
As I was showering Tuesday morning I pulled up our shower mat and noticed a small hole starting to develop next to our drain. The hole was letting water from our daily showers go down into the floor instead of down the drain. Honestly, the hole comes as NO surprise because our shower is SUPER ghetto. However, we were willing to live with the nastiness of our shower until we were ready to remodel that part of the house. But because of the hole it looks like we'll be starting on the shower a little sooner than we expected... like this weekend! Tonight I decided that I'd help with the demolition process and below are the pictures of what developed during the demo!

when we bought the house (we put a shower mat down before we use it though)

going at it with the hammer

here's what it looked like after I was done with it...

Heather: "Demo is fun! & Yay! A new shower is on the way!"
Matt: "ugh... there goes my Saturday..."


Carissa said...

Nice! Home renovations/repairs never end. By the way, did Matt go blind? He looks blind in the pic. above. BTW, I like the shower curtain.