Monday, October 6, 2008

Top 12

So, if you don't know by now we live in a pretty small place. 630 square feet to be exact... lately I've been mentally dogging on my house so after reading my friend Katie's blog post about her "top 10 most favorite things in our little home", I decided to share my top house favorites too! I came up with 12. We'll think of this post as a little house-esteem booster, if you will! :) So anyway, I hope you enjoy my Top 12 favorite things in/about my house!

Comments, encouragement, and donations for a remodel welcome! :)


1. 5 gallon glass water container.
We picked this up at our local Flea Market for only $8! We keep it next to our gas stove (our only heat source) and Matt puts his change in it everyday after work... maybe one day we'll take a vaction with all the money that's in it?!

2. White dotted "candy" dish.
I got this in Florida from my Mom when they were moving out of our house. I put it on the nightstand next to my bed and use it to hold all my various nightstand junk: hairbands, bracelets, bobby pins, etc.

3. The "T" towels in our bathroom.
My sister sent me these a little while back for no reason at all! I love them 'cause they give my tiny little white bathroom a little bit of kick, plus they remind me of my wonderful Sister!

4. Napkins & napkin holder
I love all the colors in our napkins-- they make me happy! Plus they are reusable after a wash & that's always fun. The napkin holder was part of a gift basket I received last year for Christmas from a client. It had various coffee/coffee mugs inside but the only thing I kept was this basket! :)

5. Hardwood floors.
I just love the way they are worn and the color etc etc...

6. Blue lamp & white end table.
The Crate & Barrel blue lamp was a wedding gift from my Chiropractor... Dr. Kerri Crandell, she's the BEST! :) The white end table I found at Goodwill for $7 and repainted a few years back. I love the combination of these two items, they make me happy.

7. Magnetic knife strips, 3 total.
We purchased some of these for our other (small) house and we bought more when we moved in here 'cause they are soooooooooo helpful, especially in a kitchen with 2, yes 2, drawers!

8. The pink floor!
The floor in our "guest" room was already painted pink (fuchsia?) when we moved in and personally love it! I mean I would never have done this on my own or probably even thought about doing it... but I'm glad it's here-- makes me happy when I see it! {Oh and I absolutely adore our green Crate & Barrel rug too, courtesy of Mrs. Nancy Campbell at my Florida bridal shower!}

9. Crate & Barrel colorful stacking bowls.
I LOVE THESE BOWLS! :) We registered for these back when we got married and my BFF Barbara got them for us! I use them all the time and since we live in the smallest house of anyone I know, it is especially helpful that they stack into each other!

10. This one is a combo...
'cause I really love the new green storage container(s) I got (of which I have 3 total in various sizes) and also the organization of my cookbooks! (Side note: I also happen to hate the slant in my roof-- notice how it follows the cookbooks down to the wall...)

11. Chalk board by our kitchen sink...
I love it but I don't use it nearly enough. It was a *FREE* hand-me-down from a friend too! :)

12. Orange pantry baskets.
I got three of these baskets at Ross "dress for less" in order to do a mini pantry re-model... it worked out pretty well, I must say! :)


trinity said...

I am thinking I might have to follow you and your friend's example and reevaluate my little bungalow.

Amy said...

ok....i had so many comments i wanted to make that i had to stop reading/looking halfway through and get to the comment section. :)

1. my parents had one of those glass water deals and we always kept change in it and i always thought it was the coolest thing ever. you have confirmed that. :)

6. that table/lamp combo makes me happy too. can i move in?

7. ok...TWO drawers? really? TWO drawers? i couldn't do it. i really don't think i could do it. and look at you go with all your spices. nice, braggy.

8. pink floors? it's my dream come true....seriously, when can i move in?

9. i love those colorful bowls. i want to go bake right now!

11. draw something fun on that chalkboard! :)

WOW! thanks so much for that little pseudo tour. i loved it!! :)

Sarah said...

You are one of the most supportive friends Heather...thank you for your last comment on my blog. I will let you know what will help in my yo-yo life!

Aside from me, I LOVED this post...there is something so beautiful about being thankful and I would love to do the same here in Italy. I think it will help me to appreciate this beautiful place I live in!

I love you so much,

cep said...

so I've always wanted to have one of those giant water things to put change in.

I love that you love color! I always have :) I miss you friend and am glad I got to see a slight tour of your home since I haven't visited this home yet

Carissa said...

What a great post! I love you sis! Your house is so YOU!!!

Anonymous said...

cool! i loved seeing little bits of your house...makes me feel like i know just a little more about heather in california. great post!

Carlyn Kay said...

How about top 13- "In our guest room I have this roomie, if you will, otherwise known as a homeless college girl who was desperate for shelter. She loves to do dishes and fold laundry, so she is a perfect fit to our family." ahahahahahahahah. just kidding!

Heather & Matt Troxell said...

Yes, I apologize... I should have made that my "Top 13!"