Thursday, November 6, 2008

SPAYcation all I really wanted, SPAYcation had to get away

So, Mabeldog is officaially "fixed"-- although, she was never broken... I digress.

She's been out of commission since last Tuesday, although she isn't acting like anything has changed! She isn't supposed to be allowed to "roam free, run, or walk up/downstairs" until next Tuesday... but when she bolts out the door and runs down to the creek it's kind of hard to stop her from doing those things. But what we can control, we do... so she hasn't been allowed to be in her pin outside, like she normally is, thus Mabel has been enjoying a little "SPAYcation" a term I coined this evening for her current state since she has been spayed and is on vacation to her inside pin.

Ok, I'll stop rambling since I have propbably become that crazy "Idon'thaveanykidsbutIhaveareallycutedogwannaseeapicturelady?"

Anyway, I thought you'd enjoy these pictures of our out of commission puppy!

pleasssssssssssse let me out?!?!?

sadest puppy ever


All I ever wanted
Had to get away
Meant to be spent alone

(adapted from the GO-GO's song "Vacation")

aww... this thing is so embarassing

huh?! speak louder, I can't hear you

OUCH. (cool scar though!)