Monday, June 30, 2008

for all those who are asking...

Here are more pictures of our cute little active pup!

Me: Come on Mabel, you can do it!
Mabel: Uh... I don't think so, that looks very high.

Me: Mabel, jump... come on.
Mabel: Ya, I don't think I can do it...

Me: Come on Mabel, you can... Wuhoo!!!
Mabel: Wuhoo!!!!!

Mabel kisses!


Anonymous said...

so fun. is "lottery" a real person leaving that comment? and if so, i hope they are joking. i love your blog. i miss you braggy.

Carissa said...

I love these pictures. She's such a cute pup!

As a side note, Ella was looking at these pictures and said. "Aunt Heather drives a tractor?" She thought your car was a tractor, which if you look at the pictures, with the top of the Jeep cut off, I can kind of see it.

Heather & Matt Troxell said...

Did you tell her yes? It's a tractor compared to the luxury minivan that she's used to! :)

Anonymous said...

oh my word this sounds weird, but i love her eyebrows! :)