Sunday, June 15, 2008



We drove all the way to King City, CA and back today to pick up our new little family member!

We named her Mabel because I (Heather) really wanted to name our dog an "old lady" name-- I just thought it was funny! Jean is my Mom's middle name and I think it's funny when dogs go to the vet and have middle names on their paperwork. Troxell well, that's just obvious! :)

We just call her Mabel... which we found out tonight with a quick search on Google means lovable! And boy is she ever lovable!

Mabel is a pure bred Yellow Labrador. Her parents (Princess & Cash) are both Yellow Labs with brown eyes but they had puppies that ranged from all yellow & golden colored to bright white in color. Princess had a litter of 9 this time, 7 girls & 2 boys. Mabel and one of her sisters have brown noses and light blue eyes, it's pretty neat looking and that's why we picked her!

We're excited to train, love, walk, and show off our new little puppy!


Carissa said...

She's sooo precious. We're glad to have little Mabel in the family.

Anonymous said...

she is soooo cute!

Heather and Matt Troxell said...

Thanks! She's sleeping under my desk at work right now! Matt had her at his job site for most of the day and now she's resting at my feet!! I like her... she seems like she's gonna be a great doggie!

Anonymous said...

oh man i wish i could kiss that little puppy nose! (and that she could kiss me back!)